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May 29, 2017 - School Uniform

THESE days, both relatives are customarily out operative with really small time left for domicile chores.

In a good aged days, we substantially had one primogenitor who stayed during home all a time and did all a housework, including ironing your children’s clothes, and soaking their unwashed white boots on a weekend.

Lucky too are those families who have a paid workman to do those chores. Their children can only suffer TV, a book, mechanism games or rivet in other activities.

My son is not so fortunate. Every weekend, my mother and we would ask him to rinse his white propagandize boots and steam-iron his white propagandize uniform.

My 11 year-old son recently asked, “Why don’t they only let us wear a t-shirt that doesn’t need ironing?”

What a good idea! we have been by my whole drill but even meditative that. Just since an adult asks us to iron a propagandize uniform, or rinse a white boots – we do it but questioning. Should we now listen to a children for once?

I replied to my son: “That’s a really good idea. And they should concede we to wear black boots as well. Then we don’t even need to request a white shoe liquid.”

I do see many advantages from doing divided with white propagandize uniform and white propagandize shoes:

1. Young children don’t get their fingers burnt regulating an iron.

2. If relatives are ironing a propagandize uniform, many time is saved.

3. We use reduction electricity if we don’t have to iron propagandize uniforms.

4. The sourroundings is stable when we don’t use a white glass gloss for shoes. Production of a gloss can stop. Think of a thousands of cosmetic gloss bottles that will not be discarded.

If we do a discerning hunt on a Internet, we will see that many students around a universe do not wear white boots like a Malaysian propagandize students.

I titillate a Ministry of Education to cruise changing a propagandize uniform to a collared t-shirt and vouchsafing students wear black board shoes.


Kuala Lumpur


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