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September 12, 2016 - School Uniform

PESHAWAR: The government’s preference to change uniform of students in a range could not be implemented in many of a schools, pronounced sources.

Officials pronounced that uniform of students in many of a supervision schools could not be altered overdue to several factors trimming from miss of seductiveness by a supervision to non-affordability of a new dress formula for infancy of a students.

They pronounced that around 4 million students enrolled in 27,627 primary, center and high schools were still wearing a decades-old Shalwar-Kameez uniform of company cloth.

Headmasters contend students wearing trousers can’t lay on building in deficiency of seat in classrooms

“The authorities have transposed a Shalwar-Kameez of company with a white cloth or center grey trouser and sky blue shirt usually in 547 aloft delegate schools,” officials in facile and delegate preparation dialect told Dawn.

Sources pronounced that before to derivation of a stream educational year, a preparation dialect had motionless to change a uniform of a students of supervision schools to have a pleasing demeanour like a uniform of students of private educational institutions.

Officials in a preparation department, after concern and carrying submit of a donor agencies, due 3 opposite forms of uniforms for students of a supervision schools.

According to a preparation department’s specification, uniforms for a students in a primary, center and high schools were due as Shalwar-Kameez of company cloth or center grey trouser, sky blue shirt and navy blue pullover.

The uniform for a students of aloft delegate schools was motionless as white Shalwar-Kameez or grey trouser, sky blue shirt and navy blue pullover. “The students would not wear top as partial of their uniform as they now do,” pronounced a officials.

They pronounced that preparation dialect had empowered a parent-teacher councils of a schools to name one of a uniforms due by it for a particular schools.

The parent-teacher legislature is a school-based physique consisting of relatives of a enrolled students, internal elders and executive officials of a particular school.

“All a PTCs during primary, center and high schools have elite to adopt a Shalwar-Kameez of company cloths that was already in use instead of grey trouser, sky blue shirt and navy blue pullover,” a headmaster of a supervision propagandize told Dawn.

He pronounced that it would have been a improved preference of a preparation dialect if a choice of white Shalwar-Kameez was also given to a PTCs along with a company and trouser and shirt.

School Officers Association ubiquitous secretary Samiullah Khalil told Dawn that a headmasters had suggested to a supervision to embody white Shalwar-Kameez in a given options.

He pronounced that a organisation had also voiced concerns over not incorporating a opinion when a preference about change in uniform of students was taken. “The students of center and high schools wish to wear white Shalwar-Kameez like their colleagues in a aloft delegate schools instead of trouser and shirt,” pronounced Mr Khalil.

He pronounced that trouser and shirt couldn’t be adopted as uniform for several reasons. The trouser and shirt was costly uniform as compared to Shalwar-Kameez of company cloth, he said. The acceptability of trouser and shirt was singular in a farming areas of a province, he added.

According to several headmasters contacted by this correspondent, it is required to have seat in a classrooms for regulating trouser and shirt. A vast series of schools were but furniture, they added.

The headmasters pronounced that students couldn’t lay on a building while wearing trouser and shirt. They pronounced that a officials of a preparation dialect should revisit a schools to incorporate a perspective of a teachers, students and their relatives while holding preference instead of holding meetings in a five-star hotels during a losses of donor agencies.

Published in Dawn, Sep 12th, 2016

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