Chandigarh: Students to get income in bank accounts for propagandize uniforms

March 11, 2015 - School Uniform

Students in a city supervision schools will no longer be during a receiving finish of a check in a placement of uniforms as they will get a income directly in their bank accounts from a UT preparation department.

The dialect has asked bank officials to send their member to a schools to get a paper work finished including chateau proofs and photographs of a students.

“We are going to exercise a new arrangement latest by Apr 10. Neither a students will have to wait for a schools authorities for their uniforms nor would a staff have to wait for a contractors to send a dresses to a schools. Parents would now be means to buy a uniforms directly as income would be eliminated directly into a accounts of a students,” pronounced Kamlesh Kumar, DPI (S).

“Parents would be means to buy a dresses from a shops nearby a propagandize area creation things most easier than before,” he added.

“The new arrangement would move some-more clarity to a record as bank and dialect would now have a record of a exchange and students would get profits for a money. 50% students already have their accounts and if a bank comment of any sold tyro could not be open, a particular principal or propagandize conduct would be given a income in front of a CCTV camera and students would be supposing a uniform by a school. If that isn’t probable we would yield a coupon to a parents,” combined a officer.

Last year, schools witnessed good difficulty due to check in a placement of uniforms to students.

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