Catholic propagandize prompts uniform quarrel by banning Muslim lady from wearing a headscarf

January 29, 2017 - School Uniform

“I also would have suspicion a Muslim primogenitor would have suspicion really delicately about promulgation their child to a Roman Catholic propagandize and deliberate a uniform policy,” he said.

“This should have all been discussed between propagandize and parent, not been dragged into a open and domestic arena.”

Women’s rights supporter Gina Khan pounded Cllr Zaffar, accusing him of subsidy masculine relatives who make a hijab on small girls as a means of control. She said: “Hijab isn’t mandatory for a child in Islam, though congenital biraadari energy used to control Muslim propagandize girls.”

Brigid Jones, cupboard member for children, families and schools, said: “Each school’s ruling physique is obliged for a origination and doing of a possess uniform policy.

“However, a internal management is ancillary a propagandize to safeguard a process is appropriate, in line with authorised requirements, and we are enchanting with all schools to remind them of their responsibilities when it comes to environment propagandize uniform policies.”

The Government does not banish to what border eremite clothes is authorised to be ragged by pupils, rather, it is any school’s preference to set their possess uniform policies.

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