Campaign to keep a Angus Council propagandize wardrobe grant

December 2, 2016 - School Uniform

Members of a Scottish Socialist Party were campaigning this week to stop Angus Council doing divided with a propagandize wardrobe grant.

The extend is now set during £20 per child. The Socialist celebration claims this is a lowest rate in Scotland and that a internal management skeleton to throw it subsequent year.

Representatives were on Arbroath High Street on Monday handing out leaflets and seeking people to pointer a petition seeking a legislature to keep and boost a funding.

The celebration says thousands of relatives in Angus rest on a propagandize wardrobe extend and it is formulation to make this a concentration of a debate opposite internal bill cuts over a entrance months.

The prospectus states: “Parents in Angus can accept a extend of only £20 towards a cost of propagandize garments — notwithstanding investigate display a normal uniform costs around £129.

“While some councils offer a extend of adult to £110, Angus has a lowest in Scotland. Worse, they’re formulation to throw it by 2017.”

Janet Addis, orator for a Scottish Socialist Party said: “The response has been positive.

“One lady was repelled that it was only £20 and that there are skeleton to throw it.

“It’s people on a lowest income that get strike a hardest and get strike first.

“You wouldn’t be means to get a decent span of boots for £20.

“People won’t buy second palm for fears their children might get bullied.”

The celebration skeleton to take a debate to high streets opposite Angus.

An Angus Council orator said: “Financial constraints meant formidable decisions had to be taken, such as they were in 2014.

“Even then, we sought to make a propagandize uniform as affordable as probable and schools were means to make their possess internal arrangements to safeguard we complied with the responsibilities.”

“The oppressive mercantile realities have not softened though we are now looking in fact during ways in that we can 
improve the propagandize wardrobe stipend and will put brazen a cabinet news shortly.”

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