California Should Adopt Uniform Bar Exam, Says Law School Dean

May 11, 2015 - School Uniform

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  • Jacob Gershman

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New York’s tip decider recently announced that New York would turn a 16th and largest state to adopt the Uniform Bar Examination, a nationally standardised examination for would-be lawyers.

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of University of California-Irvine School of Law, thinks it’s time for California to make a switch too. The inherent academician spells out his reasons in an op-ed in a Los Angeles Times.

Writes Mr. Chemerinsky:

Forcing students to memorize detailed, state-specific rules, many of that they will never need to know and that they will soon forget, does not safeguard competence…

Restrictive policies might greatfully some lawyers who are already determined and have no goal of ever withdrawal their home state, though they’re bad for clients who finish adult carrying fewer choices, as good as for lawyers who value geographic mobility. And since a authorised marketplace isn’t accurately strong during a moment, it seems rather vicious to make lawyers shorten their pursuit searches to a states in that they’ve upheld a bar exam.

Legal preparation also would advantage if all states adopted a uniform test. For 35 years as a law professor, we have been revelation my students that they shouldn’t take courses in law propagandize about specialized topics that do not seductiveness them only since they are tested on a bar…. But, out of fear, many students weight their schedules with lifeless classes…The Uniform Bar Exam, that focuses on simple subjects that probably all students take, would giveaway students of this pressure.

In 2014, a California bar examination was administered to only over 13,000 people, 47% of whom passed, one of a lowest thoroughfare rates in a country.

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