Cafe Zoë binds annual Willow Oaks School uniform expostulate – $20 …

August 21, 2014 - School Uniform

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Cafe Zoë is once again holding its Annual School Uniform Drive. Emails cafeteria owners Kathleen Daly: “Every year we accept donations to support a bid to batch a closet full of additional uniforms for a schoolchildren during Willow Oaks School on Willow Rd. Uniforms are now compulsory during a propagandize and many families are but a financial resources to squeeze a uniform or an additional shirt or span of pants for their children. The propagandize has always been really grateful for a uniforms we have been means to purchase.

“Basically a $20 concession buys a uniform. School starts this week so we am confident we can start selling soon. If anyone loves to emporium afterwards we can use a assistance going to Target and Old Navy. In a past we have lifted good over $2,000.

“In addition, kindly used khaki, navy and blue uniform character pants can be deliberate for concession along with white polo and dress shirts. We will have them spotless and pressed.”

To make a donation, stop by Cafe Zoë on Menalto in Menlo Park.

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