Cabinet curtsy to extend Cash vouchers instead of propagandize uniform materials

November 20, 2015 - School Uniform

He forked out that a Ministry of Education has been invariably providing giveaway propagandize uniform element for about 4.2 million students in scarcely 10,000 open and dependent private schools given 1993 and about 2,300 million rupees were allocated annually for this purpose.


Main hurdles faced by a supervision in sustenance of propagandize uniform element to propagandize children were to name a peculiarity products and to discharge them in a due schedule. Moreover, a supervision has to spend a vast cost for packaging, storing and delivering of these materials. Considering this situation, a offer finished by Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Minister of Education, was authorized by a Cabinet.


This purchasing procession was finished according to a inhabitant rival behest complement and when it was reliable by a cupboard preference to acquire sum uniform element requirement from internal producers, in 2015 whole shipment of propagandize uniform element was purchased from a internal attire manufacturers. The problem of a peculiarity of a element supposing arose and from time to time a supervision also had to face a corner of attire manufacturers and importers of cloths.


In further to this, some unsentimental issues such as a full time cadre to be allocated to buying committees and staff, providing element on time, storing, maintenance, packing, ride and allocation of complicated output for all these matters also emerged. After completing a deeper research to this matter a Ministry of Education has motionless it is suitable to emanate a money document instead of uniform element for propagandize children.


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