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May 28, 2015 - School Uniform

QUEEN’S ROAD: With Jun 1 customarily turn a corner, it is rise business for shops that specialise in propagandize uniforms.

Parents, with kids by their side, mob to these shops as they finish their last-minute propagandize shopping.

In Jayanagar 4 to 5 such shops thrive, Chowhan and Sons being one of a oldest. Pradeep Chowhan, who determined a emporium in 1972, introduced uniforms in 1974.

“It all started when a principal of Oxford School approached me, and asked either we could tack propagandize uniforms. From that day, that’s all I’ve done,” he says.

Chowhan and Sons caters to about 50 schools in South Bengaluru, Jayanagar in particular, offered around 1,800 pairs for any school.

Since children outgrow their uniforms from one tenure to a next, it is though required to keep a solid supply going, though sales rise in summer.

“We have propagandize uniforms for students from LKG to Class 10. They come in 40 colours — any propagandize has dual or 3 colours — and are stitched all by a year though sole mostly in Apr and May. By a finish of July, business becomes slack,” he says.

The varying patterns and colours poise a problem for Gandhi Bazar’s Vittal Dresses, one of whose 3 stores sells customarily uniforms and anniversary dresses.

“It takes time and bid to tack a uniforms, though it’s sole in no time. So we need to batch up, though when schools change colours or patterns or supplement something on, it’s a problem,” says Anil Vittal, one of a partners during Vittal Dresses.

Labour is also a problem, he adds, with an augmenting series of people going after white-collar jobs. “We occupy 8 to 10 tailors, and sinecure a same series for a rise season,” he says.

Due to these challenges, a partners say, a series of schools whose uniforms they sell has come down to a small dual or three.

“It creates adult about 15 per cent of a annual sales,” Anil says. “But on a up-side we have a grandchildren of some of a initial business still shopping from us.”

Stalls on campus

Many schools cite to sell a uniforms within their premises.

“We have counters in some schools. Otherwise, a schools approach relatives to a shops to buy ties, T-shirts and uniform. Usually any primogenitor buys dual sets of uniforms,” Chowhan says.

Often, stores that set adult stalls take measurements, tack uniforms for any tyro and even offer to home-deliver them, Vittal says.

“There are a lot of online stores too that supplement to a competition,” he told City Express.

Madhu’s have been in a business for 7 years. “The building where a emporium is housed is 65 years old, and we were founded by a grandfather. Though primarily we started offered footwear, my father M M Rao wanted to change and got into offered uniforms,” pronounced Dhanush, a tyro who is assisting his father during his summer holidays.

This year, Madhu’s is providing uniforms for 31 schools in South Bengaluru, Hosakote, Tumakuru and even some in Tamil Nadu.

“Our starting series would be around 800 uniforms. The orders are aloft in schools that have some-more sections. We design about 1,200 orders during a primary turn and 400 from high school,” he says.

The uniforms are stitched by 6 in-house tailors over 9 months. “We classify them into sizes of 24, 26, 28 adult to distance 40,” he says.

New schools customarily select from prepared samples. “If they are changing a uniform, they come to us with an idea, and we make them accordingly,” he adds.

*Vittal Dresses: (080) 2660 4790

*Madhu: (080) 2663 7290

* Chowhan Sons:  (080) 2663 5473

(With inputs by Chetana Divya Vasudev)

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