British Boys Wear Skirts to School to Protest Discriminatory Uniform Rules

July 27, 2016 - School Uniform

Four boys in Brighton, England, were incited divided from propagandize after display adult on a hottest day of a year in shorts that didn’t fit a mandated dress code. But instead of returning in a compulsory pants, they came behind wearing a uniform skirts certified for girls.

In England, many schools use a gender-neutral uniform. However, girls are authorised a shorter dress in a summer, while boys customarily wear pants or shorts.

The organisation of 14 year-olds, Michael Parker, Kodi Ailing, George Boyland, and Jesse Stringer, of Longhill High School, suspicion they weren’t violation any manners when they confirm to switch adult their uniform.

Parker’s mom spoke to Metro, explaining that her son and his friends were victims of an astray dress formula that authorised girls to sojourn cold in a heat, yet suffocated boys. 

“On Tuesday, a hottest day of a year so far, several of a boys went in to propagandize in law PS shorts with a propagandize trademark on,” she said. “They were all told to go home and put trousers on and told they are not authorised to wear shorts, even yet girls are authorised to wear brief skirts with unclothed legs and stay cool.”

She continued, “It’s discriminatory opposite boys –why should they be punished? The propagandize doesn’t let them have a splash of H2O during category and a bedrooms aren’t atmosphere conditioned. It’s utterly hypocritical, as good as all a masculine teachers were wearing shorts and T-shirts.”

The mini criticism stirred a propagandize head, Kate Mills, to concede boys to wear skirts during a school. “Students can select to wear any partial of a concluded propagandize uniform,” she told Metro.

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