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May 11, 2015 - School Uniform

Elly Barnes, arch executive officer of Educate and Celebrate – that campaigns opposite taste in schools, said:  “If it’s all right for a lady to wear trousers, because should a child not be authorised to wear a skirt. We should be giving them a option.”

Ms Barnes was called in by a Boarding Schools Association to give a discussion a speak on how they could make their schools some-more “LGBT friendly”.

She pronounced that schools should lay on training for their staff so teachers turn informed with a denunciation of a happy and lesbian community.

Most will not have perceived any training about how to tackle homophobia as partial of their training courses, she added.

“Having a training is an essential partial of their continual veteran growth (CPD)” she said. “They need a certainty to welcome a new language,  we don’t consider they’ll have used a difference ‘lesbian’ or ‘gay’ in a classroom.  It is putting those difference in an easy context.

“It might only be a box of a student observant ‘miss, what’s a lesbian?’ and we can contend ‘a lesbian is a lady who has relations with other women’.”

She urged all schools to refurbish their equal opportunities policies so that they promoted same sex relations in a certain manner.

Books should be used that described children who have “two mamas” or “two daddies”, she added, and anti-bullying policies should be updated to embody a expulsion of homophobic bullying.

“LGBT bullying is as critical as sexist and extremist bullying.

“If a student says ‘my pen’s run out, it’s so gay’, we should plea it.  ‘My pen’s so Jewish, my pen’s so black’, we wouldn’t be authorised to contend it.”

Children learnt about a suffragette transformation and a black onslaught by a polite rights transformation in lessons, she said.  “You ask anyone what do they know about a LGBT onslaught and what’s a answer? It’s totally unnoticed.

“This is not only an area for PSHE (personal, amicable and health education) or anti-bullying.  It could be partial of maths lessons, English lessons, scholarship lessons.  I’m not advocating  all teachers unexpected start articulate about lesbianism – though in a same approach as we learn about a Holocaust and a yellow stars ragged by a Jewish community, we could demeanour during a stress of a black and a pinkish triangle.”

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Ms Barnes, an LGBT confidant with Birmingham City Council whose organization has won supervision grants to tackle homophobia in schools, said:  “We can’t omit one partial of a people who are around us.

“There should be displays on a walls celebrating opposite families,  That is a good start.  Some children have dual mamas and some relatives have dual daddies – let’s have that represented on a wall.

“One in 10 people brand as being LGBT.  They shouldn’t feel they can’t be partial of a community.”

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