Brighton Grammar School students speckled gambling in propagandize uniforms

December 12, 2015 - School Uniform

Parents of students during Brighton Grammar School have been told by headmaster Ross Featherston on Wednesday that students in uniform were speckled fixation bets during a Tabcorp agency.  They were allegedly speckled during a Church Street, Brighton Tab, nearby a school’s bayside campus.

“I contacted a propagandize final year, though it’s apparent zero has been finished since it’s still continuing,” an unknown source told the Herald Sun. “In a morning we see them travel to propagandize dressed in full propagandize uniform afterwards we see a same kids travel past in a afternoon possibly dressed sanctimonious to be tradies or half in uniform, possibly their sports shorts or propagandize shirt. They are visibly underage and it looks terrible.”

The unknown source is a merchant on a travel who has speckled a students several times around a Tab.

“I have answered questions from a applicable publisher on this emanate in a full and blunt manner, explaining a active position on educating boys about a risks around gambling (which includes enchanting relatives on such issues),” Featherston told parents.

According to the Age, some relatives were even formulation authorised actions opposite any announcement that brings out any story opposite a propagandize or their children. Fairfax Media reported that a students would frequently place bets during a group and were mostly accompanied by girls from another chosen propagandize in Brighton.

“You mostly see them there, during lunchtime or after propagandize and we pledge they’re not 18,” pronounced a internal business owner.

Featherston pronounced on Thursday that he was not wakeful that students were fixation a bets though certified that his propagandize would not be means to withstand a “societal issue” of gambling.

A orator for Tabcorp pronounced that it takes all such issues of gambling activities by minors really severely and it follows despotic regulations in gripping minors from regulating their services.

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