Boy in propagandize uniform stopped and searched by officers

January 24, 2017 - School Uniform

ON CAMERA: Police were filmed conducting a stop and hunt procedure

FIVE POLICE officers in Downham, south easterly London, were filmed interlude and acid a black child in propagandize uniform progressing this month in front of a throng of onlookers.

The officers, wearing blue cosmetic gloves, surrounded a girl as they achieved a search; that was being filmed by a flitting masculine who urged a girl to “take down their (police badge) numbers”.

The man, who pronounced that he was 46 years-old and that he had gifted disastrous situations involving a military himself, asserted that he was during a stage “make certain this man (the child being searched) is safe”.

The mobile cameraman asked officers because they were being “heavy handed” and assigning 5 group to hunt one boy. In response, an officer said, “why do we have to answer to you?” and afterwards after remarked, “oh, here we go, that old..”, when a filmmaker pragmatic secular disposition with a comment, “if that was a white child -“.

When asked about a occurrence and a comments done by a officer, a Metropolitan Police done a following statement:

“Officers were patrolling a Downham area on Wednesday, 11 Jan around 15:00hrs following information about rising tensions between pupils during opposite schools, including threats someone would be stabbed.

“In Bromley Road, a masculine girl aged 14 was stopped roving on a wrong side of a highway travelling into approaching trade with a facade on. Upon saying police, he done off and hid inside a shop.

“Officers searched a area and located him in a emporium in Bromley Road. The male’s poise and a comprehension around blade crime and propagandize commotion supposing drift for a officers to hunt a male.

“Nothing was found and he was not arrested. The stop and hunt was available rightly by a officers.

“No complaints have been received. The officers were wearing physique ragged video – a footage has been reviewed by comparison officers who are confident during a approach a hunt was conducted.”

Based on a 2015 refurbish to a a military formula of use around stop and hunt powers, it was authorised for a 14 year-old to be searched in a open place but an concomitant adult. To review a full document, click here.

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