Board to opinion on Pottstown High School uniform process Monday

June 26, 2015 - School Uniform

Pottstown Senior High students leave propagandize during a finish of a day’s classes in their uniforms.

POTTSTOWN The propagandize house will opinion Monday night on either to lift a propagandize uniform manners during Pottstown High School, and if a contention Thursday night was any indication, a outcome might good count on who shows up.

With opinion on a propagandize house clearly as divided as a some-more than 200 opinions offering on a check on a district web site, a not wholly transparent how a opinion will go.

“I can’t wait to see where we land,” pronounced propagandize house member Kim Stillwell, who advocated for a uniform process to be carried not usually for a high propagandize students, though for all district students.

“We have a lot of low-income families in town,” Stillwell said. “They have bland garments and take-my-kid-out-to-dinner-sometimes clothes, they can't means to have dual or 3 outfits for their kids.”

The contention comes during a finish of a month-long examination a propagandize house authorized in late April during a insistence of a board’s tyro members.

The house dangling coercion of a uniform process from May 4 until a finish of propagandize on Jun 18 to see if a students could be relied on to dress reasonably but being compulsory to wear uniforms.

According to a analysis circulated among house members by Superintendent Jeff Sparagana, and performed by The Mercury, things didn’t go good during first.

Comparing violations from a identical duration final year to this year, dress formula violations increasing by some-more than 35 percent once a uniform process was lifted.

During a duration of May 1 to Jun 11, 2014, there were 48 violations.

But from May 4 to Jun 18 of this year, that series jumped to 65 violations.

And while violations were uniformly separate among males and females in 2014, it was a womanlike students who were a primary violators in 2015, by a domain of 57 to eight, according to a results.

The good news, on a other hand, is that many of a violations occurred in a initial week, when 51 of them were recorded.

That series forsaken down to 9 by a second week; to 4 by a third week and down to one by a final week.

“Yeah a initial week, they did horribly, afterwards they got better,” pronounced Stillwell. “I consider a worthy that after years of being told what to wear, they schooled what they indispensable to do in usually 3 weeks.”

The primary competition to lifting a uniform process Thursday night was School Board President Judyth Zahora, who participated in a contention around speakerphone.

She argued that a prior propagandize house had finished a extensive volume of work, hold countless village meetings and met with students and relatives in crafting a stream policy, and a bid to remove that work seems rushed by comparison.

“As a propagandize house we need to pierce forward, not retreat a preference we’ve already made,” Zahora said.

Spending time and bid on something formerly is not a good reason to not make a change, Stillwell said.

“Remaining still is not how we progress,” pronounced house member Ron Williams. “I consider a critical that students attend in decisions that impact them.”

One of those students, Emanuel Wilkerson, questioned because a hearing duration was even authorised if a house is usually going to omit a results.

“Why worry to have a hearing duration if you’re usually going to ‘move forward’ after 800 students worked so tough to uncover what they can do?” Wilkerson asked.

Board member Tom Hylton pronounced “I don’t have clever feelings one approach or a other about a high propagandize on this. In a time we spent in a high school, we had difficulty noticing who was complying with a uniform process and who wasn’t.”

However, he said, he is against to lifting a process for a reduce grades, as some suggested Thursday night.

“We lift millions of dollars in this city in internal taxes and a infancy of a people who compensate those taxes, don’t have kids in propagandize and don’t get to use a smashing buildings and we consider they like to see a kids orderly dressed on their approach to and from school,” pronounced Hylton.

“I unequivocally don’t consider a that most of an deception to ask a kids to wear khaki pants,” he said.

But house member Katina Blakey-Bearden disagreed.

“I know that we infrequently have an emanate with how some children are dressed,” she said. “But we consider we should have a dress code, not a uniform. We are a open propagandize district and we don’t consider a process should be so firm that we have to wear khaki and light blue colored shirt each day.”

“We should have some fluidity,” she said.

She found agreement from Kurt Heidel, who is a claimant for a propagandize board.

He told a house he would like to see some-more coherence for a younger grades, “maybe some-more infrequent Fridays. we wish a uniform preference will not be all or nothing.”

Board Vice President Andrew Kefer pronounced he does not intent so most to changing a process as a approach a district has left about deliberation it.

“This is not how we adopt other policies. They go by a process committee. We don’t usually put something in place and see if it works. We don’t flog a tires before we adopt a new policy,” Kefer said.

“Does that make it wrong?” Stillwell replied.

Despite contention of changes to a uniform process in a reduce grades, a house eventually motionless to opinion Monday usually on creation a change in a high school.

“We have to let relatives know what to design in a entrance propagandize year,” pronounced Superintendent Jeff Sparagana.

Given that a house usually had 5 of a 9 members benefaction Thursday night, not counting Zahora’s speakerphone presence, Hylton remarked “the outcome might good count on who shows adult to vote.”

The assembly takes place during 7:30 p.m. in a high propagandize cafeteria on North Washington Street.

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