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January 28, 2016 - School Uniform

It was a nervous throng during a Jan. 26 School Board meeting. Most were apparently opposite to propagandize uniforms, and they were awaiting to see a final approval on a uniform process for Volusia County students.

After a open criticism portion, when house members started their discussions, a throng remained audible, applauding extravagantly when Linda Cuthbert opposite a policy, and shouting during other members’ comments.

“The provocative things they wear to school, not usually females though males, provoke me and should provoke many people.”


The assembly had to be cautioned twice by house Chairwoman Ida Wright to be still while house members were talking.

The assembly was not a final push in a prolonged conflict over uniforms, however.  

Board member Melody Johnson due adding blue jeans to a list of discretionary clothing. Her suit passed, and now final capitulation will again be deliberate during a destiny meeting. State law requires another assembly if a estimable change is made.

But with usually Linda Cuthbert vocalization opposite a process as written, uniforms seem unfailing to be approved.


Schools may get income from a state


The initial orator from a audience, who pronounced she had been in a clergyman in Volusia County in 42 years, spoke in preference of uniforms.

“The provocative things they wear to school, not usually females though males, provoke me and should provoke many people,” pronounced Addie Bobbitt, of Daytona Beach.

The subsequent 11 assembly speakers spoke opposite a policy.

Board member Linda Costello pronounced she appreciated a passion in a room, though her opinion would simulate a hundreds of people she had listened from who upheld uniforms.

Andrew Spar, boss of a Volusia Teachers Organization, pronounced during a assembly that a consult final year showed a infancy of teachers upheld uniforms. However, he pronounced that with so many people opposite a idea, a concede should be sought.

“Let’s revisit a issue,” he said. “If there is a propagandize that wants uniforms, let them go ahead.”

One orator brought adult a fact that propagandize play in Florida that adopt a propagandize uniform process will accept $10 per tyro from a state, if it passes again this year. She pronounced she didn’t see anything in a process that pronounced a income would be used for students who indispensable financial assistance.

The house did not correct a policy, though indicated a income would be used to assistance students.

“If we accept a money, it would be usually right to suitable it to students that need assistance,” pronounced Superintendent Tom Russell.

The house will have another event to adopt a process during a destiny meeting. State law requires open promotion of a subsequent open assembly 28 days beforehand.


Union negotiations continue


The School Board is also grappling with a agreement for teachers. In a latest negotiations, a propagandize district offering softened dental word and an increasing health word subsidy. Spokeswoman Nancy Wait pronounced they had not perceived a response from a VTO.

She pronounced a propagandize house has offering raises, though not until subsequent year. The propagandize district wants to creates changes to a teacher’s health word devise to save income for a raises.

The teachers are seeking raises for a stream year and have criticized a due changes to a health caring package.

The VTO orderly “walk-ins” a week of Jan. 25. Teachers met outward any propagandize 10 mins before propagandize starts and afterwards travel in together to uncover unity.

Teacher Elizabeth Albert was outward Holly Hill School on a new morning.

“We have a accumulation of concerns,” she said. “Pay is a regard though this year it’s a obliteration of a health insurance.”

Wait has pronounced a stream word package for teachers is aloft than surrounding counties.

Teachers and support staff have been “Working to a Contract” given Jan. 4 and not devoting their possess time to doctrine preparation, etc. Last year, some-more than half of a teachers participated in a “Work to Contract” in an progressing agreement dispute.


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