St. Michael Catholic Secondary School, Stratford (HPCDSB photo)
St. Michael Catholic Secondary School, Stratford (HPCDSB photo)

Students attending St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford will wear a uniform this fall.

The Board of Trustees for a Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board has adopted a renewed tyro dress code, that requires a uniform in delegate schools.

There is already an determined propagandize uniform during St. Anne’s Catholic Secondary School in Clinton.

The house hosted consultations with students, staff, parents, and bishopric representatives.

Trustees resolved that uniforms in delegate schools are a certain possibility to support students who wish acceptance and a need to feel included, regardless of financial status. Students who have financial needs will be upheld when it comes time to squeeze a uniforms.

St. Mike’s Principal Dan Peters will be assembly with a students this week to accumulate ideas for a colours, pattern and panoply of a new tyro uniform.

“Uniforms yield one reduction thing to worry about each day,” says Student Trustee Leah Martens. “There is no determining what to wear in a mornings, no vigour to dress as easily as a chairman who sits beside we in class, and no one notices if we wear a same thing twice. Most importantly, wearing a propagandize uniform is an external pointer that everybody belongs.”

Katelyn Mathieson, another tyro trustee, concluded observant “along with a many benefits, it allows for a event for a safer propagandize campus as it is easier to brand a chairman who is not meant to be in a buildings.”

Grace McEwin, primogenitor and chair of a Catholic School Advisory Council, says “It unifies a propagandize village and gives students and relatives assent of mind with regards to what to wear from day to day. we feel this change is a certain one that will encourage a larger clarity of brotherhood among a tyro body.”