Bihar School: Teacher takes of uniform of sisters for not profitable fees

June 18, 2017 - School Uniform

Two girls, who were sisters, were thrown out of their private propagandize in Begusarai district after holding off their propagandize dress as a price for a uniform was not paid on time, military pronounced today.

BegusaraiFollowing a military censure lodged by a father of a dual girls, students of category we and II, a principal and a clergyman of a propagandize were arrested.

The school, B R Education Academy located during Sikraula encampment in Koriya panchayat, had supposing propagandize uniform to a students and they were ostensible to compensate for it.

In his censure lodged with a police, a father Chunchun Sah pronounced that he was asked to accommodate a lady clergyman when he had left to collect adult his daughters from propagandize yesterday.

When she met her, she asked him to deposition a price for a uniform afterwards and there.

Sah purported that he pleaded for some time to compensate though a clergyman took off a uniform ragged by his dual daughters in front of everybody and threw them out of a school.

He pronounced that his censure to a propagandize principal fell in deaf ears, following that he lodged an FIR.

Sub-Divisional Police Officer Rajesh Kumar pronounced that a principal and a lady clergyman were arrested final evening.

Before his arrest, a principal denied that any such occurrence had taken place.

State Education Minister Ashok Choudhary termed a occurrence as ‘insensitive’ and pronounced that unrelenting movement would be taken opposite a propagandize and a culprits.

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