Bid to check ‘corruption’: PMC to directly send supports for uniform to county propagandize students

May 31, 2017 - School Uniform

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Bringing an finish to a visit debate over crime in squeeze of propagandize uniforms and other investigate element for county propagandize students, a Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has motionless to exercise a intrigue by approach advantage transfer.

The PMC has been giving propagandize uniforms, boots and propagandize bag, to any county propagandize tyro after purchasing it from private contractor. However, a intrigue has been frequently come underneath debate over purported crime in a squeeze of element and check in giving it to students.

There are 1.09 lakh students in 287 primary schools and 30 delegate schools run by a PMC. “The PMC wants to solve a emanate and motionless to yield Direct Benefit Transfer label to any of a county propagandize tyro so that a students can squeeze them on their possess from a eliminated amount,” pronounced Murlidhar Mohol, chairperson of a PMC station committee.

To enble a remuneration to any student, he pronounced a PMC has started a expostulate to get an Aadhaar label as good as bank comment for any of a county propagandize student.

“The preference would assistance in solution a check caused in providing advantage of a intrigue to students and also residence a purported crime emanate given no executive would be concerned in it,” Mohol added.

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