Bexley silent speaks out opposite son’s ‘unfair’ propagandize uniform policy

September 14, 2015 - School Uniform

A Bexley mom is confronting a deadlock with her son’s propagandize after they refused to let him wear boots instead of shoes.

Shelley Adams, of Hazel Drive, claims uniform manners set by Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Temple Grove propagandize in Slade Green, are “appalling” and “unfair”.

Alfie Hitchcock’s boots formulating debate during school

The 36-year-old bought her son, Alfie Hitchcock, aged 10, a span of black Timberland boots given she hoped they would final longer than normal boots though was told by staff during a propagandize that he contingency wear smart, black boots that come next a ankle.


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The singular mum-of-four said: “I consider it’s appalling.

“I’m a singular operative silent with a residence to run.

“It is not right so we am station adult for my son.”

Ms Adams told News Shopper she can't means to buy Alfie, who is in year six, another span of boots and claims that a dress formula coercion is new.

Alfie Hitchcock and his neglected boots

​She added: “I was meditative about gripping him home off propagandize given we do not wish him to be punished, though afterwards we will be fined for truancy.

“I do not know because they are punishing him, he’s usually 10.”

A orator for a propagandize in Chrome Road, that publishes a propagandize uniform process in pamphlet form, said: “The propagandize uniform process is transparent about what shoes is acceptable.

“The uniform process is widely and frequently published to parents.

“It has remained a same given a propagandize opened.”

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