Australian Private School Implements Gender-Neutral School …

March 31, 2017 - School Uniform

The International Grammar School in Sydney, Australia has announced it will start implementing gender-neutral uniform codes. 

“It’s roughly like for those students who do brand as distant some-more gender fluid, a uniform has been a lovely approach for them to identify that,” IGS principal Shauna Colnan told Gay Star News. “It was unequivocally a no brainer for us, we can’t continue to have this heteronormative customary in a uniform.”

The preference came after male-born students began wearing girls’ uniforms to class, and clamp versa. Students identifying as gender-fluid began entrance to their teachers seeking about dress codes, that stirred them to ask a admininstration cruise a new policy. Now, with a updated uniform codes, IGS students can wear their choice of pants, dress and tie to class.

“We are vouchsafing kids be who they are,” Colnan said. “We concluded it would be best to supply students for the world… to commission students and vouchsafing them be who they are but restrictions.”

And a principal of a dreams also common this design over Twitter, cementing her standing as LGBTQ teacher icon:

In a UK, ungendered uniform policies were implemented final year opposite 80 opposite open schools.

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