Army officer barred from entering daughter’s high propagandize over uniform

September 11, 2014 - School Uniform

A confidence officer during a Michigan high propagandize told an Army major Tuesday that he could not enter a propagandize since he was wearing his uniform and “may provoke another student,” reported.

Lt. Col. Sherwood Baker told a hire he was visiting Rochester Adams High School since his daughter was carrying problem navigating a school.

He was incited away, even yet a Rochester School District has no process exclusive people in uniform from entering a school.

The superintendent, Robert Shaner, himself a Marine veteran, apologized to a family.

Shaner pronounced a district “will be operative with administration and a organisation that handles a confidence to make certain district policies are accepted and communicated accurately.”

“I’ve been on deployment. we know what people go by and a sacrifices people make. we know a expectancy to be reputable for what you’ve done,” Shaner told The Oakland Press. “I know that what has taken place deeply hurts people. We will scold it.”

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