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February 6, 2015 - School Uniform

Any skeleton for Armstrong School District students to wear uniforms to category have been suspended after a infancy of surveyed relatives opposite them.

District officials sought parents’ opinions on requiring students to wear uniforms to class, and about 70 percent of a 1,450 who responded were opposite it.

“We had a really high response rate, so this really accurately portrays a thoughts of a propagandize community,� pronounced Superintendent Stan Chapp.

Chapp pronounced a propagandize uniform would be simple wardrobe — collared shirts and dress pants or skirts in customary colors.

The idea was to keep students focused on academics, not what they are wearing to school.

Cost and palliate of entrance to wardrobe played a vast purpose in a consult results, with 37 percent of relatives meditative it would be an easy, affordable approach to outfit their children, while 63 percent disagreed, Chapp said.

Along with several standardised questions, a consult authorised district families to write in comments, that indicated many of them suspicion uniforms would be too many of a con for several reasons, pronounced Cheryl Soloski, a district’s executive of facile curriculum.

“They suspicion there would be too many of a cost to have uniforms and garments for their kids to wear outward of school,� Soloski said. “They felt it would be an additional expense, generally if their children gifted a expansion spurt.�

Many families also voiced that uniforms would stymie children’s ability to demonstrate themselves by their clothing, while others disturbed a uniforms would not be gentle to wear all day long, Soloski said.

After conference a consult results, propagandize house member Larry Robb pronounced a district should hindrance a uniform discussions.

“That’s it — it’s done,â€� Robb said.

While uniforms are not common in open schools, a district, like many others, has a dress formula that governs what students can wear.

Among a things taboo in Armstrong’s dress formula are bandanas, restraint or tube tops, gym shorts and brief skirts. They can’t wear hats during class.

It also prohibits students from wearing garments that publicize drugs, ethanol or tobacco products and bans anything with lewd, coarse or horrible messages.

Board President Joe Close pronounced he wasn’t too astounded to hear a infancy of district families opposite uniforms.

“Uniforms aren’t too common in open schools,â€� he said, “and families wish their kids to have their possess clarity of style.â€�

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