Are You For Or Against School Uniforms? Two Fashion Editors Debate

September 30, 2014 - School Uniform

There’s zero utterly like a contention of propagandize uniforms to get HuffPost Style editors all riled up. The need — or miss there of — sparked a vital discuss on a team. Below, dual conform editors sound-off on either or not they cruise uniforms are a good idea.


For Uniforms by Michelle Persad

Wearing a uniform to propagandize is since we have a good attribute with my mother. Okay, that competence not be a only reason, yet it positively creates a tip ten. When we was 14 and insufferable, my mom and we fought about a lot of things — either or not it was a good suspicion to get a dolphin tattooed on my stomach, if Michael Bublé constituted good highway outing song (for a record, NO), since it wasn’t fine for her to contend “funky” etc. But not once did we ever disagree about clothing. And appreciate God for that, since we know there would have been battles.

From a ages of 9 to 17, we wore a tie, frock and blouse to propagandize any singular day, and it was bloody fantastic. If we could get divided with wearing a same thing to a bureau all week and not be judged, we would. Even yet we work in fashion, carrying my outfit fixed would giveaway adult my mind to concentration on some-more critical tasks like holding Buzzfeed quizzes entitled “Which Original Beanie Baby Speaks Directly To Your Soul?” (For a record, we got Patti The Platypus).


There are tons of arguments opposite uniforms, like they extent self-expression, yada, yada, yada… yet we know what we was forced to do in high school? Express myself regulating words. Something I’ve found rather useful in my career as a writer. And if you’re still not shopping into a whole knee-socks-and-blazer-thing, let me interest to your clarity of reason. It’s a huge time-saver. To illustrate my point, we have compared my morning slight in high propagandize (with uniform), to my slight now (sans uniform):

High school: Hit a snooze button. Hit a snooze symbol again. Hit a snooze symbol a third time. Eventually get adult since my relatives are screaming during me. With half-shut eyes, find my frock on a floor, a purify blouse and hopefully my tie — yet we always mislaid my tie. Brush my teeth. Grab a banana. Endure a spiteful criticism from my father since we didn’t brush my hair. Get in a car.

Now: Hit a snooze button. Hit a snooze symbol again. Hit a snooze symbol a third time. Eventually get out of bed for fear of being dismissed from work. With half-shut eyes, try and figure out what to wear. Give adult and instead go brush my teeth. Go behind to my closet. Give adult again. Grab a banana. Start stressing since we have no clothes. Consider a weather. Try on an outfit. Laugh that we even deliberate wearing spare jeans and pierce onto something with an effervescent waist. Eventually usually put on what we was wearing yesterday because, let’s be honest, who’s going to notice? Freak out since now I’m indeed unequivocally late. Still don’t brush my hair. Walk to work.

In summary, carrying a uniform not usually caused me approach reduction highlight in a morning, yet it also ensured that we was always on time. (Okay, we was indeed late a lot, yet never since we couldn’t confirm what to wear). And hey, we can demeanour behind during propagandize photos and not tremble during what we was wearing. (Okay, we still cringe, yet that was since there was a prolonged duration of time when suspicion hair jelly and “The Rachel” were a good idea).


Against Uniforms by Jamie Feldman

Like so many others, a time right before high propagandize was a flattering engaging time for me. we got my nose pierced, went on a no-shower flog and swore by hosiery and sandals (a trend we had no suspicion would resurface so many years later). My new opinion toward character (and apparently hygiene) was mostly a outcome of a fact that we had been supposed into a behaving humanities school, a lifelong dream come true.


When we walked by a doors on that really initial day beginner year, one thing struck me immediately — a singular approach everybody voiced themselves by their possess personal style. Whether it was immature hair, outrageous platforms or in my case, a glossy timber in my nose, no one gave anyone else a second peek over what they were wearing. we felt now during home. It seemed that for a initial time, we was in a place where we could truly demonstrate myself.

Of course, entrance into my possess personal character took some hearing and error. There was a duration of time where we would compare my T-shirts to my stockings. And even yet we cruise those times to be flattering dim fashion-wise, they still played a partial in a expansion of my character (not to discuss gave me some annoying photos to demeanour behind on today). My infirm years would have been totally opposite had we not been given a possibility to develop by my clothes any day.

Let’s also not forget what teenagers are like. Specifically, teenagers who are also artists and were lifted in New York City. Uniforms would have not usually never worked in my school, I’m going to go forward and theory that they would have combined some-more problems than solutions. Clothing authorised us to be desirous by one another, to know and even admire any other.

I know a advantages of uniforms in schools. But teenagers are angst-y adequate but carrying to also be limited in their wardrobe choices, and we will be perpetually beholden that we got to make so many sartorial mistakes via those years.


Now you’ve been given both sides of a argument, we can confirm for yourself. Are we pro a stress-free morning and saving your attribute with your mother? Or do we too cruise we should have a right to compare your T-shirts to your stockings if we so choose? Sound off in a comments below.

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