Angus Council collared over propagandize uniform funding cut

August 13, 2015 - School Uniform

A children’s misery gift has called on Angus Council to retreat a preference to proviso out propagandize wardrobe grants.

The Child Poverty Action Group has described a cut as “absolutely extraordinary”.

Last year, a legislature motionless to proviso a extend out wholly by 2017 so that some-more supports could be allocated to progressing vicious services.

Up until 2013-14, it had gift a extend of £50 to low-income families, though this was cut to £35 final year and is now £20.

It has emerged that Angus is a usually internal management that is formulation to stop gift a extend completely.

John Dickie, executive of gift Child Poverty Action Group, pronounced a pierce was “very disappointing”.

He said: “It’s families with children that have been disproportionately influenced by cuts to amicable security, family advantages and taxation credits. Local authorities should demeanour to strengthen these families as most as they can.

“School wardrobe grants are a proceed approach councils can offer additional support to low-income families.

“We know of families whose children have to share gym kits since families are struggling to buy propagandize clothing.

“The volume Angus Council is gift is shockingly low. At £20 it is a lowest in Scotland.

“We wish a legislature will rethink a preference to finish a extend and obey a best use that has a funding set during some-more than £100.”

Last year, 3,405 people in Angus perceived a grant, that cost a legislature £102,000.

In Dundee and Perth and Kinross a funding is £50 and in Fife it is £55.

A mouthpiece for Angus Council pronounced that nonetheless a extend was being phased out, any propagandize would be means to make “individual arrangements”.

“Unfortunately in these tough mercantile times we have to make some cuts to safeguard we can means to run vicious frontline services,” she added.

“We trust a schools know a children and families best as internal decision-making ensures support is targeted where it needs to be.

“We are committed to creation propagandize uniforms as affordable as we can.

“Three of a delegate schools use an eco-blazer that is done from 16 recycled cosmetic bottles.

“This new proceed is not usually environmentally friendly, it has reduced a costs of propagandize blazers.”

Angus Council done a preference as partial of a £19 million cost-cutting exercise.

Independent Arbroath councillor David Fairweather, who did not give his support to a bill final year, said: “I was not happy that a propagandize wardrobe extend was going completely.

“However, a legislature has pronounced that if there are people who need help, afterwards that assistance will be provided.”

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