Amid concerns over testing, Florida House takes adult propagandize uniforms

February 5, 2015 - School Uniform

As a state Senate moves brazen with a sweeping devise directed during regulating Florida’s contrast troubles, a House preparation row on Wednesday took adult another theme entirely: propagandize uniforms.

House K-12 Education Subcommittee Chairwoman Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach, convened experts from 4 propagandize districts to speak about their practice with wardrobe in a classroom.

Wendy Dodge, who oversees legislative affairs for a Polk County propagandize system, pronounced her district has had a uniform process given 1998.

“It’s usually partial of a culture,” she said. “The kids know during each propagandize that uniforms are required.”

Dodge pronounced a process had done schools safer since “principals can demeanour out during their campus during any time and know if there is somebody out of place or who shouldn’t be there usually by a fact they are not in uniform.”

She also pronounced it had been a strike among parents.

Miami-Dade propagandize complement director Sally Alayon pronounced a uniform process was so successful in her district that usually dual schools had selected not to adopt it. She pronounced uniforms were not usually cost effective, though encourage propagandize spirit.

The members of a House cabinet seemed impressed.

“If this works in Miami and it works in Marianna, that ought to tell us something,” pronounced state Rep. Joe Geller, D-Aventura. “As someone who started in my possess mind with a knee-jerk greeting opposite a thought of uniforms, this looks like it is working.”

Adkins didn’t contend privately how she designed to pierce forward, though she offering a hint.

Just before a assembly wrapped up, Jackson County Superintendent Steve Benton forked out that it had been politically formidable to exercise a uniform process in his farming propagandize system.

“Change is always hard,” Adkins replied. “As Vice Chair [Ross] Spano said, it doesn’t indispensably meant it is a wrong thing to do.”

Meanwhile, there’s been no word from House leaders on how they devise to residence primogenitor concerns about overtesting or consequence compensate for teachers. Adkins did not lapse calls from a Herald/Times on Monday seeking her greeting to a Senate contrast bill.

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