Aldi sparks cost fight as it offers propagandize uniforms for reduction than €5.50 …

July 17, 2015 - School Uniform

The uniforms are being charity as partial of a store's 'Back to School' operation Credit: Aldi
The uniforms are being charity as partial of a store’s ‘Back to School’ operation Credit: Aldi

The propagandize holidays have hardly begun and already bill tradesman Aldi has kicked off a new uniform cost war, charity a full propagandize outfit for reduction than €5.50.


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The German supermarket pronounced spare relatives can buy a pleated dress or trousers, dual plain polo shirts, and a turn neck sweater for €5.47 from any of a stores.

The ‘Back to School’ range, partial of a retailer’s Special buys, also includes pinafores, scuff-resistant shoes, jackets and sports gear, and goes on sell subsequent Thursday, Jul 23.

Research final week found that, on average, Irish relatives compensate out €166 to dress their children for school.

Aldi’s value propagandize uniform facilities a pleated dress or trousers (€1.99), a dual container of plain polo shirts (€1.99) and a turn neck sweater (€1.49).

The operation is accessible in a preference of colours, including grey marl, red, navy, white and blue, and comes in sizes 4-11. All sizes are a same price.

Aldi pronounced a propagandize uniforms were appurtenance washable Credit: Aldi
Aldi pronounced a propagandize uniforms were appurtenance washable Credit: Aldi

A investigate by a Irish League of Credit Unions final week pronounced Dunnes Stores charity a best back-to-school value when it came to children’s uniforms.

But identical equipment from a store cost between €13.50 – €24 for girls and €12 – €21.50 for boys.

Rob Farrell, Group Buying Director during Aldi Ireland, said: “Each year, families opposite a nation are put underneath outrageous vigour with back-to-school expenses. From books, to uniforms and stationery, a costs all supplement up.

“We had an intensely certain response from consumers to a uniform operation final year, so it was but perplexity that we wanted to offer a best value propagandize uniform in Ireland again this year.”

The propagandize uniforms are appurtenance washable, suitable for decrease drying and easy iron friendly, Mr Farrell added.

Aldi pronounced a garments were all “independently peculiarity tested” by a “worldwide contrast laboratory” and a trousers and skirts are coated in Teflon to assistance strengthen opposite common classroom stains and water.

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