Afghanistan bits skeleton for new ultra-conservative girls’ propagandize uniform

March 21, 2017 - School Uniform

Plans to force Afghan schoolgirls to wear a “severely restrictive” uniform have been scrapped after they were met with fixed opposition.

The proposals, from a country’s Ministry of Education, would have done it compulsory for girls as immature as 5 to wear long tunics and headscarves. 

But a plans were thrown out after demonstrations opposite a uniforms were planned.

“They are revelation us a length is to strengthen Islamic values,” Bahar Sohali, who organized a protests, told American broadcaster National Public Radio (NPR).

She added: “Students have to be comfortable, they need to be means to exercise.”

The new uniforms were to reinstate stream propagandize dresses that strech a few inches next a knee and are ragged over leggings.

This formula confident a country’s regressive charge for modesty, though were stretchable adequate for a girls to be means to do sports.

Under a new code, girls above a age of 12 would have been compulsory to wear loose-fitting dresses that extended to a floor.

Headscarves were already a requirement, though a new manners would have been some-more strict. Having a fridge or strands of hair manifest would have been taboo after a change.

Zuhra Bahman, a Afghan author in London who organized a petition opposite a new uniform, implored Muslims to pointer it saying: “The new uniform misinterprets Islam and what it says about Muslim women’s dress.

“If we concede limitation of Afghan women in these uniforms we will suppress many [like] Kubra Dagli [the Taekwondo champion] and Ibtihaj Muhammad [the Olympic fencer] from emerging.”

She also urged Americans and Europeans to intent to a change, given that a West provides financial subsidy to a propagandize complement in Afghanistan.

Under pressure, a Afghan supervision retracted a proposals progressing this month. 

“President Ghani says a new propagandize uniform that was announced by a Ministry of Education is not deputy of a enlightenment and tradition of a [Afghan] people

It added: “He has destined a Ministry of Education to work on a new pattern that is affordable together with a nationally deputy organisation of teachers, relatives and students.”

New proposals have nonetheless to be revealed.

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