Action Report: School uniform expostulate helps record amount

October 29, 2015 - School Uniform

NEW ORLEANS — James Lavigne is a busy baby during Sea Early Childhood Academy in New Orleans East.

“He’s a 1-year-old active child who gets into everything, though he’s sweet, he’s really, unequivocally sweet,” said his mother Ernisha Mackey.

But Mackey was anxious when James’ uniforms were donated by a Adopt a Family propagandize uniform drive.

“I was like wow, uniforms,” she said. “He didn’t have a uniform, so he wasn’t means to mix in with other students.”

Boys Town manages Sea Academy’s Early Headstart program, and they were urgently seeking assistance with uniforms.

“Sometimes we consider it is only going about putting on a uniform, though when a kids come here and they have on their uniform, afterwards it identifies them with OK, we go here, we know these are my peers,” pronounced Sea Academy administrator Niki Dajon.

“We attempted to get a appropriation in a grant, though we had to cut it during a final minute,” pronounced Boys Town’s Rashain Carriere.

This year’s propagandize uniform expostulate set a new record.

“It went unequivocally well,” pronounced a non distinction Adopt A Family module founder Kevin Buckel. “The response from a initial story was incredible. We lifted adequate supports to assistance over 1,000 students. However, we still have about 120 students watchful for uniforms, and I’m still removing calls any day.”

And that’s when Kevin done a second call to a Action Line, since he doesn’t wish any of a kids to have to go but uniforms. So he’s putting out another call for donations.

“We’re seeking people to unite a child for $50,” Buckel said. “With that, any child will get 3 uniforms, and we send a appreciate we note from a primogenitor or child behind to a donor with an tangible money register receipt.”

To present to a propagandize uniform drive, call Adopt a Family during 504-831-4312, or revisit their website during

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