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September 25, 2016 - School Uniform

Six months ago, I wrote that AC/DC should call it quits. After a proclamation that Brian Johnson was stepping down as singer, we argued – tetchily – that a organisation in that usually Angus Young and Cliff Williams remained of a “core” AC/DC lineup should container it in, and put grace forward of business. It incited out we was wrong, as we detected when I saw Axl Rose’s initial uncover versus a band, in Lisbon.

If anything, Axl/DC seemed like a rope revived, a thespian ceding centre theatre to Young, now a undisputed personality of a group. The setlist, so prolonged set in stone, was regenerated by a inclusion of Bon Scott-era songs left inexperienced for years. If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It), Rock’n’Roll Damnation and Riff Raff became mainstays once again; Touch Too Much done occasional appearances; on a Rock or Bust tour’s final night, in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Problem Child was brought out for a initial time given 2001.

Philadelphia was important for something else, too: it was Cliff Williams’ final uncover as AC/DC’s bassist. That means that in a past integrate of years, a organisation has mislaid Malcolm Young, a stroke guitarist and pushing force, to dementia; Phil Rudd, a drummer, to authorised problems; Brian Johnson, a singer, to conference problems; and now Williams, since he simply feels a time has come.

Angus Young, for so prolonged a face of AC/DC, is now all that stays of AC/DC.

Whatever we pronounced behind in March, we consider that this implausible rope have rubbed their tribulations with good dignity. No deputy for Malcolm would be perfect, though his nephew Stevie kept things in a family. And while there was copiousness of grumbling from fans about Chris Slade stepping in for Rudd, he had during slightest served with a organisation before: he represented continuity.

The manuscript Rock or Bust, done with Rudd though though Malcolm, was a ideally reasonable bid during gripping a juggernaut going. Yes, one competence wish it had been better, though it could have been a whole lot worse. And a indirect debate – both with Johnson and afterwards with Rose – valid AC/DC could still be one of rock’s many constrained experiences.

But now, with grace total and millions of fans satisfied, it unequivocally is time for a uncover to end. It’s not that Cliff Williams’s basslines are unfit to replicate – in fact, you’d find it tough to locate a veteran bassist who couldn’t play those repetitive, unyielding, four-to-the-floor lines. It’s that, Angus aside, he was a final remaining couple to a Bon Scott years. we suspect they could go behind to Williams’ predecessor, Mark Evans, if he wanted to return. But why? There’s now no debate to finish, no manuscript to promote, usually – if Angus does intend to lift on – a protocol five-year wait for something new to happen.

By that time, who would be a singer? Rose was usually ever billed as a short-term replacement, and while he spoke enthusiastically about a role, it’s tough to see him apropos a studio thespian for a new AC/DC album. Who would be a bassist or drummer? We can assume Stevie would be a stroke guitarist, though that’s usually dual members. And one strange member, one reputable stand-in, 3 hired hands – it’s not a band.

Here’s a solution. Let Williams sojourn retired. Let Johnson tend to his hearing. Let Rudd work by his issues. But when or if possibly of a initial dual get a eagerness to take to a theatre again, and if a latter can be forgiven by Angus, afterwards let AC/DC reassemble on an occasional basis, though no longer as a grave operative band, tied to a schedule. The peculiar festival show, a occasional one-off. No some-more two-year universe tours with concomitant albums to clear them. No some-more custom-built theatre spectaculars. No some-more gripping on with a show, whatever a cost. Just a band, personification rock’n’roll if and when they get a urge, creation no commitments and perfectionist no favours. Maybe that means one festival in 5 years’ time; maybe it means a handful of bar shows frequency anyone can get into. But it would safety AC/DC’s bequest as one of rock’s purest spectacles.

Maybe Angus competence remember a difference of one of AC/DC’s beginning anthems, Ride On: “I ain’t too immature to realize / That we ain’t too aged to try / Try to get behind to a start.” At a start, musicians make song since they adore it. If Angus loves it, let him make music. But, please, leave us with a happy memories of one of a biggest bands ever, unless we can find a approach to safeguard any destiny AC/DC is still a genuine AC/DC.

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