A propagandize has been indicted of sexism after announcing skeleton to anathema girls from wearing trousers

February 23, 2017 - School Uniform

A high propagandize in Wales has been indicted of sexism after announcing skeleton to anathema girls from wearing trousers.

Parents during Connah’s Quay High School in Flintshire have this week perceived letters proposing uniform changes that would force womanlike pupils to wear skirts.

The minute sent by headteacher Ann Peers claims that there have been problems with schoolgirls wearing “skin tight” trousers, leggings and jeans.

As a outcome a “school uniform consultation” has been launched with relatives asked to yield their views on a matter, the Daily Post reports .

Angry relatives of children during a propagandize have now set adult a debate organisation called Support Our Child’s Choices SOCCs with pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Community leaders have also labelled a minute as “ridiculous” with concerns lifted that it promotes gender inequality.


The minute reads: “At Connah’s Quay High School we trust a uniform should teach a clarity of identity, honour and belonging. We wish a learners to be gentle in propagandize as good as ensuring high standards and consistency.

“School uniform supports effective training and training and engenders a positive, ease and deferential training and training environment. (Welsh Government).

“The propagandize offers a poignant series of visits, trips, concerts and occasions during a year where learners are behaving as ambassadors for a good name and reputation. It is really critical therefore that learners feel partial of that propagandize village and have that identity.

“We have consulted with a propagandize council, a girls in a propagandize and a governors. At benefaction girls are accessible to wear trousers, this has been an ongoing emanate in courtesy to denims being worn, leggings and skin parsimonious trousers.

“The boys are approaching to wear tailored trousers and demeanour intensely smart.

“To move a same turn of coherence to a uniform for girls we would like to make a change to skirts.”

The minute adds that a skirts will be accessible to squeeze from Queensferry Sports during a cost of £10.

Parents are asked to respond to a minute with their views by Monday Feb 27 and a minute adds: “It is critical for us to accumulate an accurate design of parental views.”

Concerns raised

Politicians have taken to Twitter to lift their concerns over a uniform shake-up.

Alyn and Deeside AM Carl Sargeant tweeted: “gender reserved wardrobe is ridiculous! Uniform is excellent though it should not be formed on gender!”

Leader of Flintshire County Council Aaron Shotton said: “Writing to Head seeking her not to implement. Policy of tailored trousers for boys should equally request to girls. #equality”

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