A Pink’s Eunji is vehement to wear a propagandize uniform on screen!

September 12, 2015 - School Uniform

A Pink‘s Eunji, who is now deemed as one of a best idol-actresses, is creation a quip with her second propagandize drama, ‘Insolently Go Go‘.

During a new talk with a womanlike statue on her arriving purpose in a KBS drama, ‘Insolently Go Go’, Eunji confessed her fad about being means to wear a propagandize uniform once again. It’s been a while given ‘Answer Me 1997’ where we was means to wear a uniform. Now that I’m means to do that again, it’s formidable to censor my excitement,” she said.

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Eunji will be holding a purpose of Kang Yeon do, a cheerful, renouned lady in her new drama, ‘Insolently Go Go’. The play is about dual opposing tyro organizations merging together for a school’s cheerleading team; eventually branch their conflict into harmony. 

The play will start airing this entrance October.


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