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February 27, 2016 - School Uniform

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Two-way radios. Anti-bullying posters. Security cameras. Those are usually some of a things propagandize districts opposite Florida devise to buy with their uniform inducement appropriation and it’s not sitting good with some parents.

“They should put a income towards propagandize or books, reading classes and additional activities like that,” pronounced Julie Tavarez, a primogenitor from Osceola County.

9 Investigates performed annals display a state skeleton to palm out $3.7 million to 8 districts as a prerogative for carrying uniforms. Parents customarily compensate for a garments and some are doubt a perk.

“If it’s for uniforms, we consider it should go for uniforms. If it’s for cameras, it should be for cameras not for whatever they can spend it on,” pronounced Tavarez.

The districts set to accept inducement appropriation embody Alachua, Bay, Flagler, Madison, Miami-Dade, Osceola, Polk and Taylor counties.

State lawmakers put few restrictions on how a income can be spent, solely it can’t be used for repeated expenses. From a annals performed so far, usually Osceola and Polk counties devise to use some of their income to assistance families with uniforms, though it’s usually a fragment of a sum funding. Flagler County schools devise to use their appropriation for a module that encourages good function among students.

Channel 9’s Michael Lopardi asked Flagler superintendent Jacob Oliva if this is a best approach to spend a money.

“I consider so. we consider it’s a good event to commend propagandize districts that are being pioneers,” pronounced Oliva.

Oliva pronounced a income will assistance propagandize districts though admits it substantially will not inspire anyone to adopt a uniform policy.

“This is a approach to commend those propagandize districts that are going above and over and maybe incentivize others to do so as well,” Oliva said.

We called Tallahassee several times in hopes of removing a internal lawmaker on camera to ask if a module is value a money, though had no luck.

Two lawmakers we spoke with over a phone had no thought about a skeleton for a income until we filled them in. Lawmakers usually voted to extend a program, environment aside $14 million.

Lopardi is still watchful to see skeleton from Miami-Dade–the state’s largest district–and Bay counties. The preparation dialect pronounced it’s still reviewing those plans.

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